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E11even in Heaven

TCB's 11th Anniversary

On Premises Play Club Event

Friday Se[t. 15th 2023



Misc. Club Events and Meet & Greets

  • TCB Beach Week 7/22

  • Bar Meet & Greet - Malloys - 8/19/23-7/29

  • E11even in Heaven 9/15/23

  • Winter Ball 2/23/24

  • Prom 9/13/24

Dear future member!


Yes this is you!


Today is the day you get to learn to look through the eyes of the plus size community in the lifestyle and its following; to find out and experience what the world is like for them now unlike the past where they faced hardships and ridicule to now rock their curves and be above shaming of any kind. It is also the day we grow bigger than social vanity and offer to everyone regardless of industry standards, those open hearts and open mind.


Twist and Curves is here to grant our lifestyle community with opportunities to celebrate beauty, strength, confidence, and of course sex appeal, from meet and greets, special events, modeling and more. Twist and Curves Baltimore is the home for all things PLUS.


So take a look around, check out everything we have to offer and hope to see you at an event real soon.


Always remember.. Find us where you are!

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